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Healing Miracle Massage

For over 7 years, Healing Miracle Massage Mobile has been helping people and atheletes manage and relieve their stress, pain and tension.
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Living Tension Free

Living Tension Free

Hello, I’m Brandon. My staff and I welcome you to the secret of tension free living. We specialize in a variety of multi-technique massage and provide you with a clean, convenient, and comfortable experience. Sports injury? Let our hands heal and relieve your pain. Need some self-care? We schedule regular visits. Or are you having a special event? Give us a call.
Let us help you relieve your stress and tension.
Healing Miracle Massage Owner

Featured Services for Your needs

Services for Your Needs

The services we provide are performed by licensed massage therapists in the comfort of your own safe and clean environment. We come to you.

A targeted approach to treating minor and chronic injuries such as hamstrings and shin splints. Ideal for helping to improve posture and condition of the athlete. For individuals who engage in regular physical activity and are prone to sport injuries.


The best massage to help alleviate pain and begin rehabilitation. Deep tissue massage can be used for: relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, working knots, alleviating muscle stiffness, and increasing circulation.

Deep Tissue

After care requires stretching to help maintain and lengthen muscle tissue and some may feel slight tenderness in massaged area. Because massage releases toxins, adequate water consumption is crucial. As well as relaxation and soaking in bath.

After Care

Additional Services

Additional Services

Additional Services are also available for extra attention to your personal needs such as pregnancy or immobility.


A targeted approach to treating minor and chronic injuries such as hamstrings and shin splints. Ideal for helping to improve posture and condition of the athlete. For individuals who engage in regular physical activity and are prone to sport injuries.

swedish massage

Cupping Massage

This modality uses a silicone or plastic cup to help remove toxins from areas of the body. Cupping marks the body depending on how bad the toxin is and can range from light red to black helping with blood flow and range of motion. Skin retains normality within 10 days with water hydration.

Cupping Massage

Trigger Point / Chair Therapy

Trigger point therapy works on impinged muscles to break down tightness. A trigger point massage helps work out those knots and reduce the pain associated with them. Chair therapy is designed to relieve physical stress and anxiety.

Trigger Point / Chair Therapy

Pre and Post Natal Massage

Pre Natal massage helps by stimulating the soft tissues of the body to reduce fluids caused by swollen joints. Also removing tissue waste reducing muscle aches and joint pain. Post Natal massage is powerful in regulating hormones, increasing milk production, and reducing swelling.

Pre and Post Natal Massage

Pain Management

Pain management consists of stretching and using foam rollers and band workouts as a routine planned by your massage therapist.

Pain Management

Preventative Care

Preventative care consists of regularly scheduled massages, soaking in an Epson salt bath, stretching, foam rolling and performing other techniques assigned by your massage therapist.

Preventative Care

Meet the Healing Miracle Massage Team

Brandon and his two top massage therapists combine expertise and experience as they oversee a staff of seven. Call us now to schedule a massage therapist that can conveniently come to you and help relieve your stress and tension. 

Healing Miracle Massage

In 2013, Brandon survived a horrific death-defying accident. If not for massage therapy, he would not be able to move his body today. Brandon believes that GOD used the hands of these wonderful people to heal and help him overcome all odds. Everyone deserves to have their pain, stress and body relieved through massage.

Brandon  •  Owner

Harry’s focus is on eastern and western massage modalities with a concentration in medical massage. His licensed education is from the Southern California Health Institute and has since worked with clients in spas, medical centers and privately at home. Harry uses intuition coupled with varied massage techniques to focus on helping people decompress, relax, and recover from stress.

Harry  •  Therapist

Since 2012, Lupe has been a neuromuscular massage therapist. She enjoys helping people find relief from muscular tension and pain through massage therapy. Lupe also makes a line of CBD/THC creams and tinctures. A few of her specialties are deep tissue, Swedish and sports massage.

Lupe  •  Therapist

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Brandon and Healing Miracle Massage are just that... A miracle. My husband suffers from both chronic and acute pain throughout his body, from numerous circumstances and experiences, all stored in his physicality…We wanted to find someone who exhibited the right combination of training, experience and intuitive healing, balancing strength, and sensitivity. We feel we found that in Brandon. We think you'll feel the same.

Renee Z.

Great response times and booking availability. First time booking an in-home massage and they made it easy to do so. The therapist was communicative and respectful, which was appreciated.

Alethea E.

One word... Awesome! After having tried out a dozen masseuses, I'm very glad that I found Brandon. He knows exactly what he is doing. He identified the pain points and proceeded to massage with excellent precision. One of the best massages I've had so far. Will gladly recommend him to my friends!

Akiras P.

Just had an amazing massage from Brandon yesterday!!! He is an absolute pro... he knows exactly what you need. Super fair price. I can't wait to utilize his services again soon 🙂

Brian B.

Healing Miracle Massage is radical! I cannot say enough regarding Brandon and his team they are All Stars! I previously had a pinched nerve in my upper back that I just could not get rid of. I tried Brandon's team out, and three days after the healing miracle massage, I feel 21 again! I love these guys, they rock!!!!

Ken M.

Branden definitely knows what he's doing. He's very knowledgeable about his field, he's very professional and caring. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Dana J.

Great CMT. Training for a race and needed to get my body back in order...this definitely did the trick. Professional, respectful and understands how the body works. Thank you.

Karl Orlowski

Without a doubt, 5 stars. My body has hurt all over for over 10 years. I have tried all forms of treatment and gotten massages at other places. They did not have the effect that Healing Miracle had on me just after one session. I will continue to use their services on a regular schedule. Cannot be more happy with them!

Aaron D.

On Monday I had the first deep tissue massage since pre-COVID. Boy did I need it. Brandon found muscles and knots that I didn't know I had and skillfully realigned my body mind and being. The Gods have blessed him with mad healing skills. I highly recommend him.

Arthur Wa Yu Kennedy

Amazing! I needed a massage really bad and found Healing Miracle Massage on Yelp. I had so many knots and pain in my shoulder and back. My massage was extremely relaxing, and he released all the knots out of my body which I needed. I highly recommend Healing Miracle Massage!

Nikky H.



Brandon performs an in-home massage of reflexology on a client.

Harry demonstrates chair therapy with a neck massage on a client.

Brandon explains what Healing Miracle Massage is all about.

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